Gelato Machines:


Frigomat has been designing and producing its ice cream/gelato machines for more than forty-five years.

Products: Heaters, Pasteurisers, Batch Freezers, Machines for self Services, ageing vat, combined machines, cream cookers, cream whippers, soft ice cream machines


BRAVO, founded in 1967, is a leading supplier of Italian gelato and pastry production equipment. Bravo's history is built upon innovative products and successful ideas. BRAVO supports ice-cream and, pastry chefs, in maintaining a top quality production, offering excellent, genuine Italian Gelato and pastries.

BRAVO exports the Trittico® philosophy, a revolutionary machine that, all-in-one, serves as a batch freezer, pasteurizer, pastry and confectionery producer. BRAVO Trittico combines the time-honored mastery of artisanal preparation with 21st Century technology.

BRAVO Trittico allows to produce fine pastry quickly and consistently. It reduces labor demand and, more importantly, allows pastry chefs to focus, differentiating their production from competitors.


Hiber is an Italian brand with a broad line of commercial and institutional foodServices equipment used by major restaurants and hotel chains, independent restaurants, hospitals, bakeries, ice-cream parlors, schools, airports, correctional institutions, canteens, etc.

Blast Chillers, Refrigerators, Retarder Provers

Gelato ingredients:


Monteabianco has been a leading producer of ingredients for Gelato parlours and confectionery shops for more than 50 years


Stabilmix allows gelato artisan to develop customised recipes. Using a pasteuriser, the gelato artisan can mix multiple components, including those requiring pasteurisation, to create a unique formulation which sets them apart from other Stabilmix users.

Classic line

Milk Bases

Special Bases

Gelato soft

Fruit Base

Cream Paste

Ready Mix

Fruit Paste

Linea Gusto & Benessere





Linea Semifreddi

Slushes Syrup

Pastry Line

Cacao Aurum

Variegati Gourmet

Natural Extracts

Lingotti 24k

Cremolotte Range





Natural Flavourings Range



BRAUN becomes the benchmark for the bakery sector in the Iberian Peninsula, with a completely renovated and stocked.
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Cakes, creams, cheesecakes, parfaits, jellies, fillings, chocolate coatings, flavors and specialties, are an example of the new Braun assortment available in the market with an excellent distribution network present throughout. Obtain the advice of technicians and surprise with Braun products for making desserts, parfaits, cakes and pastries guaranteed success, which will allow the final consumer does not lose the pleasure of authentic artisan bakery.
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